Business FAQ

Why Síbox?

Síbox has been created to boost your business. We try to catalyze the relationship between businesses and customers so that every enterprise can compete with the same rules, without intermediaries nor complications, to let you apply the same marketing you use when a customer goes through the door of your business.  

We provide you economic opportunities whose utilization will depend only on you.


How much does Síbox cost?

The registration at Síbox is free and its use as well. Just in case you consider that one request fits your activity and you are interested in contacting to that potential customer, you will have to pay a small amount of money to do so. Don´t worry, we are talking about cents.  


Is it profitable using Síbox?

Yes. The Customer Acquisition Cost is extremely low and, in some sectors or locations, the contact to customer conversion rates are about 3-1. This does not mean that you will take a customer in your third contact, but you can be sure that the perseverance and the experience will be successful.


How can I pay?

As we can´t make invoices each time you spend a few cents, Síbox works by balance. Recharge not less of 10 euros by means of your credit card or PayPal and you will be able to contact some customers before taking care again about your balance.


Why do some contacts cost more than others?

The Síbox algorithm is complex, but, simplifying it, we can tell you that it depends on the category and subcategory, its location, the number of enterprises interested on each request, the data provided by the potential customer or his contracting background among others.


Can I get my money back?

We give back balance, not money. If a user has closed his request so soon, we will give you back your cents in your balance. Payment platform costs prevents us from giving money back.


Is it safe paying with credit card?

Sure, our payment gateway has been developed by the Bank of Sabadell, and, if you still don´t trust, you can also pay with PayPal.

Where can I take my invoices?

In the Síbox platform, specifically in the Balance tab, you can download them whenever you want.


The requests I get don´t fit in my economic activity, what can I do?

Including as many economic activities in a relatively brief list of categories and subcategories has been one of the most challenging things we have done. Having said that, the option to take will depend on if you never receive an interesting request, or if you consider you should be receiving more. In the first case, you probably should consider reviewing the categories you are registered in. In the second one, you can send us an email to propose a better categorizing way to


How can I contact a potential customer?

Each request is different. Some customers like receiving a proposal, others prefer being contacted by chat, mail or telephone for a better customization. The common denominator of every request is that a fast response is always positive as long as it doesn´t go in detriment of the quality.

Our personal tip is reviewing daily the platform (or to configure your notifications) in order to spend less than 24 hours in answering a potential customer.


The telephone number or the email from a potential customer are wrong. What can I do?

Síbox incorporates an automatic process to verify the data provided by users. Anyway, if we have made a mistake, please contact us at and we will review the information.


May I use Síbox from my mobile phone?

Síbox for enterprises can be used from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, Safari…), and its design is responsive to be used also in your tablet or smartphone.


How can I remove my account?

To remove your account, please email us to and we will do it so as soon as possible.