Social Innovation

Nowadays, on the way to an internet based economy, many independent professionals, small and medium enterprises, are being ejected from their niches due to the bad distribution of their markets, where, a few big companies with much more means are embracing most of the market share. Non-existent or outdated webpages, increasing costs and unknowledge of online marketing are the most important causes of this market imbalance.

Considering that those small and medium enterprises and professionals are responsible of the creation of 85% of the new total jobs, it is highly predictable a decrease of the job creation capacity and a wealth concentration in a few hands.

That´s the reason why we created Síbox, an easy and intuitive tool, based in people’s costumes, to let SMEs having a voice on the Internet, allowing them to sell online and to keep their most important competitive advantage in the digital environment… The assessment to their customers.

logo equality rebootedAt Síbox, we still believe in small enterprises and local commerce, and that´s why we have been recognized as one of the 30 semi-finalist (out of 800 applications) at the European Social Innovation Competition 2017 from the European Commission, whose topic this year is Equality Rebooted.

Our vision says it all: Every business must be available on the Internet reducing the gap between small and big companies.

We are still working on it!

sibox equality rebooted
European Social Innovation Academy 2017. Still learning…
sibox en equality rebooted madrid 2017
Group photo of the enterpreneurs selected as semi-finalist in the European Social Innovation Competition 2017. Incredible projects!