Users FAQ

What is Síbox?

Síbox is a free and pragmatic app to save time and money. Do you need a wedding photographer? Request it and find out which ones are available by that day without travelling all over the city. Have you been fined? Find out if you can appeal and if it is worth to do it. Would you need a dress for an event? Explain how you want it or attach a picture of the one you like and look forward to proposals.

So, Síbox is a platform where you can say what you need to many businesses that will advise you about your options.


What kind of enterprises are at Síbox?

In Síbox you can find anything you need, from lawyers to veterinarians, car sellers, plumbers or the best shoe shops. Download the app and ask whatever you need in seconds.


How can I create a request?

Download the app for free, categorize what you want, describe your problem or need with your own words or attaching pictures, documents and finally choose your preferred contact method. Then, use your free time to do whatever you want.

I created a wrong request. What can I do?

No worries, from the request detail you can cancel it and create another one. You will spend a little time to do so.


How much does this service cost?

Nothing. The app is for free, as well as the log on, the use and the unlimited answers you will take. Furthermore, we don´t act as an intermediary in your purchases or contracts, so, again, everything is free for you.


How many businesses will contact me?

We can´t answer that question, but we can tell you that there are no upper limits just because we consider that the information is power and you must decide how to use it. However, if you don´t want to receive more proposals, close your request and nobody will disturb you.


Where does Síbox work?

Throughout Spain… and soon in Europe and worldwide.


Why does anybody answer me?

When you create a request, all the enterprises linked to its location and category will get a notification, and, according to their availability or interests, they will answer or not. However, from our experience, the absence of answer is often linked to the following reasons:

  • Work overload.
  • Holiday breaks.
  • Absence of professionals for that category and location.
  • Poor request description.
  • Short time opened.
  • Specific work that no enterprise can do.


What happens if I get contacted by an enterprise that is not in the platform?

By means of the platform, you can only be contacted by enterprises logged on the Síbox platform. However, if you provided your mail or telephone number in your request, a professional with an enterprise logged on the platform might have told you another business name or his commercial name. If you didn´t provide your mail or phone, check out if no contact information has been included wrongly in your request description or attached documents. Anyway, if you want us to verify what has happened, please email us to and we will try to find out what has happened.


Am I going to be spammed?

No. At Síbox you can choose your preferred contact method, and one of these is the platform, where you can chat or receive proposals directly. If you also want to provide your mail or phone, you also can. All the enterprises logged on the platform have accepted our terms and conditions, were they accept their responsibility in case of a misuse of your contact information.


Is my data public?

No. Enterprises can only see your name, the first initial of your surname and the request you have described. If they decide to contact you, they will only know your name and surname´s initial except if you decided to provide your phone or email. However, you must take exceptional care with the information you provide in your request… We can´t be responsible of the data provided on it. Of course, in accordance with the law, you can change or remove your data from the platform whenever you want.